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Hannah bitowski

CreatEVE House


The Playhouse's week-long festival celebrating women in the creative industries, March 7 - 12

The ‘hardest way to make an easy living'? The industry of ‘play'? The lonely world of free labour and inequities? Our greatest success story?

With more than 2 million people employed in digital and creative industries, it's now worth £137bn a year to the UK. This new creative, tech savvy arm of the economy is a full of creative thinking, and its credited with driving our economy.

But only one quarter of those working in the digital sector are female.

What is the impact of this new mingling of story, design, and technology on women? The freelance worker, an individual, a micro‐business, an entrepreneurial women? The women starting out in this sector of autonomy, creativity and ‘play'.

Does she have to choose between art or commerce? ‘Art' or ‘industry'? Pixels or paint?

This exciting programme of workshops, masterclasses, exhibition and other events on the theme of Women In The Creative Industries promises a week of inspiring debate, conversation and creativity.

All events will be free, open to all and have focused discussions on various areas of creative work and have contributors from various fields, men and women.


Monday 7th- Friday 11th March with established females in the creative industries including Theatre Directors, Writers, journalists, publishers and bloggers, Theatre Technicians, Filmmakers, Visual Artists, and women from Digital Technologies. 

These will be held by both indigenous and visiting, international facilitators. 


Friday 11th March 1am- 5pm A one day conference, tying in with International Women's Day, exploring the role of women in the creative industries, in line with Derry and Northern Ireland's aspirations to grow the creative industries. 

Panel discussions will explore, across four panels on the day, the creative industries as a whole, changes within it, the divide between ‘art' and ‘industry', the mingling of story, design, and technology and the impact this growing industry is having on women and their creativity.


10am- 10.30am Welcome
10.30am- 11.15am Panel- Pixels or Paint
11.15am- 11.30am Tea Break
11.30am- 12.15 Panel- Coming Home to the creative industries
12.15- 1pm Lunch
1pm-2.15pm Panel- The Lonely Artist in the creative industries
2.15pm- 2.35pm Performance- You Might as Well Live
2.35pm- 3pm Tea Break
3pm-4pm In conversation with... Queen of the Track
4pm-5pm In conversation with... Eva Birthistle

10.30am- 11am Café Conversation- Never too Young to Make
2.15pm- 3pm Café Conversation- Creative shorts

Meet & Greet Networking Event 

Friday 11th March 5pm- 7pm An event where creative industries employers, artists, funders, educators, support organisations, marketers and investors and meet and network with the aim of developing opportunities for all participants. Includes information points from Theatre NI, Audiences NI etc.

An Exhibition Monday 7th- Friday 11th March in our gallery space comprising of pieces of work from women in various different creative industries.


For further information, or to register, visit The Playhouse website #CreatEVEhouse