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7 Things You Can Become After Your Death

It is boring to have a burial or cremation. It’s much more entertaining to be part of a marine ecosystem or become fireworks. These are some ideas to draw attention, even after your death.

The first thing you might think of when thinking about a place to rest your body is a coffin. There are many options available if you are worried about the environmental effects of cremation or burial, or if you just want something unique.

Spirit Pieces owner Dave Blake says that everyone has a different life. He believes that each person should have a unique burial. Spirit Pieces uses ashes to make glass memorabilia. He believes that people who are missing you can benefit from reflecting on your personality after your passing.

These options can be cheaper than traditional burials or cremations. Your beneficiaries will also receive more money if you have life assurance.

These are seven amazing things you can do following your death

1. Fireworks

It works like this: Your ashes travel from the morgue to a beach, or other location on water. The ashes are stored in specially-designed shells, and then added to the fireworks display.

Angels Flight is the only company that offers this service. They are based in California.

Prices starting at $ 4,250

Pros: It’s cheaper than a funeral and cremation.

Cons: Service is not available outside of California

2. Art made with glass

It works like this: Artists take a little of your ashes and create keepsakes such as pendants orbs for loved ones.

It’s available online at Spirit Pieces and Artful Ashes, Seattle.

Prices starting at $ 79

Pros: Your loved one will be able mail your ashes.

Cons: When sending ashes, people should either pack a portion of the ashes in a special box or find someone who will do it.

3. A marine reef

It works like this: Your ashes or part of them become an artificial marine eco reef measuring between one and two meters in width and one and a quarter meters high. The building of the reefs is open to your family members and loved ones. The company will hold a ceremony to place the reef at the chosen location. It then becomes a permanent marine habitat.

It’s offered by Eternal Reefs of Florida.

Prices starting at $ 2,995.

The benefits: It is beneficial for the marine ecosystem. It may cost less than a funeral cremation depending on how large and what service you choose.

Cons: They are not allowed on the US west coast.

4. A diamond

It works like this: You can make a diamond from carbon taken from your ashes, or even a hair clip. There are many colors available.

It is offered by Heart In Diamond, located in California; Life Gems in Illinois and Cremation Solutions Vermont.

Prices start at $750 The price of more than one diamond may be reduced if they are ordered together.

Pros: Cremation does not need to be done if there is a hair available. All orders can be shipped throughout the United States.

Cons: Certain colors can be more costly than others. Sending the ashes must be done by the sender or by someone else.

5. A space trip

It works like this: Your ashes, or in certain cases DNA from your hair or saliva, travel into space. This service is provided by partners companies who contract for the launches and spacecraft. You can choose to have your remains returned to Earth after the spacewalk or to rest permanently on the Moon. Or to light up the sky as a shooting star.

It is offered by Elysium Space in California, and Celestis Florida.

Prices starting at $ 1,295.

The pros: There is no need to cremate if you select the DNA option (only for Celestis). Friends and family can see the exact location of your ashes from space, in real-time. The companies have agreed to send the ashes and DNA by mail.

Cons: Only one release is held each year. In some cases, it may be less. Because there are very few launch sites available, your family may not be able attend due to distance.

6. Green ashes

It works like this: A “green” or bio-recreation is an environmentally-friendly alternative to burning ashes. A green cremation does not reduce the body to flaming, which can cause harmful emissions to the atmosphere. It uses a solution of potassium hydroxide and water.

Who Offers It? Florida-based Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes, Green Cremation Minnesota and Direct Cremation Maine.

Prices starting at $ 1,495.

The pros: It’s more efficient than using fire to rebomb and has a lower impact on the environment.

Cons: Fireless cremation may be charged an additional fee by funeral homes.

7. Compost

It works like this: Instead of being embalmed in a coffin that can pollute the ground, you can be buried under a biodegradable suit. The suit is made from bacteria and mushrooms. It reduces toxic substances as your body decomposes, so that your remains can be used as food for plants.

It’s Coeio who offers it.

Price: $ 1,500

It’s environmentally friendly. It can be shipped to your loved ones. It’s cheaper than a standard metal casket.

Cons: Some cemetery owners won’t allow coffins to be buried in their graveyards.


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