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9 Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

Companies are increasingly relying on social media to manage their business and hire staff. CareerBuilder reports that 60% of hiring managers consider applicants’ social media presence in their selection process. Furthermore, more than 25% of applicants are turned down due to social media mistakes.

While you can debate whether or not this is fair, it is a fact that we all have to accept. Therefore, you must act wisely.

What are the words or actions that could end your career?

1. Use dramatic, aggressive, or insulting language

These moments are common to all of us. Sometimes you post something, and someone rude tries to intimidate or offend your friend. You may feel the need to share your thoughts with someone at such times. Keep the urge in your heart. You might also want to reconsider posting personal or family dramas on social media. Employers may be concerned about your lack of discretion in the workplace. Tony Messer, CEO at Wizz Hosting.

2. Having friends that can hurt you

While some people can be very funny, they can sometimes create situations that can damage your professional credibility. This can have a negative impact on your financial prospects. Imagine someone making an insensitive comment about your college holidays, when you are sharing a photo of yourself from a recent past. Do not let others make you look bad. To prevent embarrassing comments from others, be generous with blocking capabilities. – Shaun Deans, Cash Stop technical director.

3. Upload posts during business hours

It’s not just about what you post but also how you post it. Potential employers might be concerned that you are posting too much on social networks when you should actually be working. This may not be appreciated by your current employer. “- Peter Trebek CEO of GoTranscript.

4. Ex-employers being vilified

“As a leader and recruiter for over 30 years, I’ve always taken into account the language and words used by candidates as a key parameter when deciding who to partner with. My own keywords include contribution, success and ownership. Integrity, honesty, and project are all things I pay attention to. Candidates who use the words “they” or “couldn’t”, and display a problem-oriented approach to dialogue, are immediately ejected. You can learn more about candidates through social media before you spend time on the phone or face to face conversation. Once those words are spoken or written down, they will be available to the entire world. “Forever”. Carey F. Wolf, Vice-President of Sales

5. You should not be too discreet when interviewing large companies

“You were interviewed by one of these companies. One of those companies that makes the “best places for work” lists each year. What now? Be discreet. First, be discreet. Mind Lab Pro director Dave Wright.

6. Grammar and spelling errors in your posts

“Social media is casual and you don’t need to use formal language. However, this doesn’t mean you should write posts with spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure your publications are up to standard. Michael Corkery, President at Pool Guard USA.

7. Contrary to your resume, there are professional profiles

It is okay to use your resume to present yourself as the best you can, except if you lie. It is easy to lie and be caught by forgetting to include your social media information in your resume. If you don’t want to have a job that is short and pathetic on your resume, you can remove it from your social media profiles. Boss Laser CEO Dan Fox

8. Use social media sparingly

You may feel compelled to delete all of your social media accounts or create a new one, but this is not the right decision. Employers won’t consider someone without a social media presence. Social media can be a great tool for your career. Peter Mendez is the CEO of Crafted NY.

9. Forward fake news posts and chain letters

It’s nearly impossible to scroll your board and not come across a post that says you should share it in order to avoid being accused of being cruel or threatening with bad luck if it doesn’t pass. These posts are not only annoying to readers, but they can also be seen negatively by potential employers. These messages can be interpreted as a lack of critical thinking and should not be shared. Judith Bolen is the CEO of Five Aces Plumbing.


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