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5 Affordable Islands in the Caribbean You Should Not Miss

The arrival of the different vaccines and the significant decrease in the amount of people with COVID has brought some optimism about the future in the medium term; and with this starting point, Rogues in Paradise has shared a report in which it reveals which are the 5 most affordable Caribbean islands: both for tourism and for living.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus has practically limited international mobility, there are many who cannot resist imagining what their first trip will be like when the borders open again. The idea of ​​sun and sand on a paradisiacal beach has its appeal. And even more so if it is the Caribbean, where we find these 5 islands where living is more than affordable.

As reported by International Living, a website that offers information and housing for those who are thinking about what they will do when they retire, searches targeting the Caribbean islands increased 225 percent in January 2022. Places that have opened its borders to tourists as long as they comply with a series of protocols, such as, for example, presenting a negative PCR done 72 hours before the flight.

  1. Ambergris Caye (Belize)

Belize’s largest island is known for hosting the area’s barrier reef. Regular flights and water taxis make it easy to get to Belize itself or Chetumal (Mexico). A couple can live comfortably for around 2,400-2,600 euros per month.

  1. Roatan (Honduras)

Located eighty kilometers from the north coast of Honduras, it is very popular for its quiet and virgin beaches. According to International Living, it is possible to buy a two-bedroom house for 144,000 euros. Although basic items are expensive because they have to be imported, a budget of 1,600-2,000 euros is sufficient.

  1. Isla Mujeres (Mexico)

Although it is only twelve kilometers from Cancun, this island is much quieter… and cheaper. A one-bedroom penthouse with a view can cost €189,000 and rent for an apartment range from €575 to €820 per month.

  1. Las Terrenas (Dominican Republic)

Three and a half hours by plane from New York we find some of the best beaches in the world. In Las Terrenas, a loft with a bedroom and a bathroom can cost 82,200 euros and two people can live comfortably with 1,600-2,400 euros per month.

  1. Colon Island (Panama)

We finish the route in Colon Island, a place known for its tourism that, at the same time, offers a relaxed atmosphere for the locals. There, the rent of a house with one or two bedrooms can range between 490 and 980 euros per month.


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