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You will be tested by your business, but you can still move forward if you are well-informed.

It was 1996, and it was a good time. My job at Procter & Gamble was a good one, and I lived in Cincinnati. Then, I was offered an opportunity that would change my life. P&G offered me a position as an expat in the former Soviet Union.

It was the early days for modern globalization and I had never been to the United States. He didn’t speak Russian and knew very little about Russian culture. It was a risky idea that I thought would not be good for my situation.

I took it and lived in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine for the next ten years. It turned out to be one of my smartest decisions.

1. Embrace uncertainty

It’s not unusual to be uncertain about your goals in life, and not know how you define success or happiness. Uncertainty makes it less likely that we will take risks in our lives. Accepting risks is a way to grow personally.

Fortunately, I am able to recognize the opportunities that present themselves and take advantage of them. I have always done 360-degree self-assessments and I know that life is a series of opportunities for happiness. Although the risks of moving across the globe and having to uproot my life were great, I was able to see the benefits.

2. Know yourself

One quote that I have always loved is “Life isn’t measured by how many breaths we take. It is measured by the moments that take away our breath.” It is those moments that take my breathe away that give life meaning. That’s why I decided to go to Russia.

You will also face major decisions regarding the future as you manage your business. It is important to know your options, but it is equally important to know yourself. You know what makes your life successful and joyful. This will help you plan for the future.


Hi, my names Brian. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland with my family. I run an online marketing business but for relaxation, I post blogs about things that I think people would like to read about.

Google has started to send me some good traffic and I think a lot of those people are coming back to discover more about my life's findings.

Please don't be a stranger and come back often.

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