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About 5 years ago My life took a new direction. I was living in Belfast in Northern Ireland at the time. I was working as a sales manager for an engineering firm. Unfortunately, the firm went bust and I found myself in a rather worrying situation. We all tend to live to our means, which means that unless we earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, it can be difficult to plan to save. Having said that though, I realize a lot of people do safe even on low wages.

Anyway, I was one of those that hadn’t saved, and I had a big mortgage, a family to feed and no income. This is when I decided to have a go at my own business.

I set up an online marketing company and quickly learned the basics of marketing online. I had a friend that owned the business he said he would be happy to contract me if I was able to show that I could get some results with marketing his business. After 3 weeks, I achieved some impressive results.

From there, word-of-mouth spread, and business came flooding in. Now, I have plenty of work, my own online business.

Okay, so why did I create this blog? Well, partly for a hobby, but also as an experiment. If I can make this blog popular enough and get enough traffic, then I can branch out and set up new business line by monetizing my blog.

my name’s Brian Cole. I still live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I really enjoy sitting my own pace of life with a great work, leisure balance.

This blog is all about lifestyle, business and life issues.

I post about a broad range of topics and my focus is to look in detail about subjects that people are interested to read about.

My website’s purpose therefore is to inspire and educate people
I believe wholeheartedly that gaining knowledge can empower you to achieve amazing things in your life.

I believe that educating yourself across a range of subjects will provide that all important balance in life and place you on a higher level and more successful, fulfilled path in life.

I hope you get a lot out of my blog as I publish more great content.


Hi, my names Brian. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland with my family. I run an online marketing business but for relaxation, I post blogs about things that I think people would like to read about.

Google has started to send me some good traffic and I think a lot of those people are coming back to discover more about my life's findings.

Please don't be a stranger and come back often.

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