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How A Digital Detox Can Save Your Career

We’ll show you how to get rid of new technology for a while.

My boss hosted a conference call with the rest of my team in San Francisco a few days before I began my job as a Bloomberg Business Show host. During the conference, I began to type an email on my smartphone in a frantic fashion. I wanted my team to see how hard and serious I took work. My boss was looking out of my corner. “You see!” “You see!” I thought. We know what we need to do to move ahead. He understands me!” Another email arrived just as I was about to press it! It was immediately pressed. It was a simple message from my boss: “Pay Attention.” You should hang up the phone.

I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful or bad about the team. He worked for the team and wanted them all to know. However, I realized that working with the team and working for it are two very different things. Unprofessional behavior and distraction are just two of the many ways that the phone can drain your superpowers. You must show respect for others’ time if you want them to do the same. This means that you must be present in meetings and listen to others around you. Not just scrolling through your phone.

It is unlikely that anyone will do business via mail in the near future. Therefore, we must be able use our phone without abusing or letting it abuse. A detox was for me the best way to restore my relationship with my smartphone. Sounds difficult? It was difficult, but it ultimately saved my career. Here’s how I did it and how it helped me (and you too).

1. Disconnect completely

Knowing I couldn’t disconnect from the city with its endless distractions, I chose to retreat to nature. It was in a cabin. A shared bathroom. It’s like a camp. There is no phone. No email to check. No texting. Camera not required No apps. None. Even if he managed to get a phone in, there was no coverage.

The first day was almost like giving up drugs… withdrawal syndrome to the extreme. Toxic anxiety about the separation. It was a beautiful hike with stunning views, but I didn’t have the means to take photos. Each day was easier and more liberating. After my digital high, I saw some major changes in me.

2. Enjoy the world from the screen

First, I noticed that I was more aware and present in the world around me. This was something I wouldn’t have realized if I had a smartphone nearby. He observed the textures of the leaves and different plants as he walked through the forest. The variety of wood paneling in my room amazed me. Everything I did was heightened, from tying shoes to watching the sunset with my eyes.

3. Better sleep

Next, I noticed that I felt more awake at 6 a.m. than I did at 8 a.m. after drinking two cups of coffee. It was easy to wake up in the morning to see the sunrise. My eyes were darkened by the darkness of the night, so I didn’t have a phone light to help me see. Instead, I read or fell asleep right after a rich, adventurous day.

4. Be more present

I realized how connected I was with everyone I spoke with. I became more involved in their stories. He was able to recall details about each person he had met, and the things we had discussed like nothing before. Even though it was difficult to have difficult conversations with people, I was able to do so directly, and he ended up resolving the issue much quicker than a text message.

These are simple tasks I could have done before taking a digital break. But I didn’t realize I needed them. I didn’t think of it. To see the world and the things I had forgotten about, it took me a whole week without my phone.


Hi, my names Brian. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland with my family. I run an online marketing business but for relaxation, I post blogs about things that I think people would like to read about.

Google has started to send me some good traffic and I think a lot of those people are coming back to discover more about my life's findings.

Please don't be a stranger and come back often.

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