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Getting Lost For $33,000 A New Kind Of Tourism For The Fearless

London’s Black Tomato travel agency allows wealthy travelers to travel to remote parts of the world through London’s Black Tomato.

You and your travel companions have everything planned when you go on vacation. You know the route you will take and the places you’ll eat.

Black Tomato, a luxury London-based travel agency, wants to make planning your trip easier with a program called Get Lost.

Get Lost can help you explore the unknown by advising you how to feel on your journey, rather than where you want it to take you. The basic package costs $ 33,000 per person. Although they cannot guarantee your destination, you can expect unforgettable experiences.

This is how the program works, and what you could get if you decide to purchase the package.

The agency can help clients who are interested in the program by contacting an expert.

The consultation allows travelers to tell the specialists what they are looking for in a trip, and why they would like to escape from reality.

Agents also consider how the traveler would like to feel on their trip.

The only question that the traveler needs to ask is about the landscape. It is up to you to decide where you want it to be. The travel professional can help the client make this decision.

Black Tomato will use this information to create an adventure in remote locations, even though you won’t know the exact location until the end.

Black Tomato can provide customized training sessions or teach survival skills in the wilderness, if required.

Customers will find out their destination on the first day. Customers arrive at their destination by commercial flight. The route could change and Black Tomato will offer a private helicopter or jet to assist them.

After landing, the travelers are given information about their activities and a satellite phone as well as a map. A tracking kit is also provided to ensure that Black Tomato knows that the client is safe.

The equipment should not be used to hinder the journey, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Already, the program has been tested in Guyana, Svalbard, and Mongolia.


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