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5 Steps To Successful Virtual Brainstorming

Brainstorming can be both an art and science. This article will show you how to get your virtual team to generate and prioritize the most innovative ideas.

Innovations are not ideas in and of themselves. Innovation is when ideas are put to use and provide real value for customers. Most brainstorming sessions end up with a single list of ideas. Teams that are most successful prioritize the best ideas and develop action plans to advance the most important opportunities. This is a critical truth that has been proven time and again. However, in virtual worlds, when responsibility and focus can quickly disappear once people click “end meeting” or the webcams turn off, this fact is even more crucial.

Many collaboration tools are available for the generation of ideas. They are not being discussed now. Why? Because successful brainstorming does not require technology. You will need tools to organize, prioritize, and thematize your ideas. The hard part is finding an online tool. The hard part is actually the soft part. It’s about creating the right atmosphere for everyone to feel motivated and focused online.

Here are some success factors.

1. Focus

One sentence should describe your problem, challenge or topic. You can think of phrases like “How can …??” “, “What if …?”?” …? “.

2.Define the different types of ideas

Before you begin, identify the main categories in which your ideas will fit. As you work, organize your ideas into these categories. Think about categories like products, services and processes.

3. Create prioritization criteria

Once you have many ideas, you can clarify the criteria that you will use to prioritize them. The criteria can be shared, and then you can vote on the most promising ideas. Consider the following criteria:

Feasibility (from simple to difficult).

  • Impact (low to very high).
  • Customer value (low to high).
  • Return on investment (low-to-high).

4. Confirm the ground rules

It is important that everyone knows the rules of brainstorming. You might consider establishing ground rules, such as deferring judgement until it is time for ideas to be prioritized or looking for creativity or quantity of ideas. Participants can also be asked to share their ideas with each other.

5. Create execution teams

Once you have gathered and selected the best ideas, it is time to form a pair of teams to put them into action. Pairing people helps to create a sense shared responsibility and commitment. You should set a time and a deadline to achieve your goals. Regular checks will help you stay on the right track.

Ideas are everywhere. Ideas that are implemented are worth their weight. This is true even in virtual reality.


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