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Iglu Media


Belfast-based production house show promise of a bright future in interactive media development

Iglu Media is living breathing proof that Northern Ireland is increasingly becoming a hotbed of talent for breakout games designers and animators.

Founded by Gareth Gray and Jonny Kane, Iglu is a multi-platform production house, specialising in creating video games. Viewing games as a key part of any narrative, Iglu frequently works closely with film producers to create media tying into major motion picture releases. This can take a number of forms (including mobile-based games and interactive novels) although the goal is always the same – engaging audiences through use of multiple platforms, by channelling the talents of their uniquely gifted work-force.

One example of Iglu’s work in action is Grabbers: The Game. Created on a shoestring budget and free to download, it is a game which was developed in just two months to tie in with the release of a Northern Irish monster movie.

In conjunction with NI Screen, Gareth and Jonny worked closely with the producers of the film to produce a world class mobile game, offering thrills, spills and extraordinarily high quality art design. From there Iglu have gone from strength to strength, working with a smorgasbord of local talent to create a slew of tie-in apps and games for many major motion pictures.

Strongly believing that Northern Ireland is increasingly becoming a major player in terms of games development, Gareth and Jonny handpick many members of their team from the University of Ulster and Queen’s University. Praising the former for their animation courses (in conjunction with Avatar’s visual effects maestro Greg Maguire) and the latter for their excellent computer science courses, it seems like the future is bright for local aspiring games developers.

By Peter McCaughan