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Ireland's award winning science and discovery centre

With over 250 amazing interactive exhibits in four incredible exhibition areas, W5 provides a unique experience as well as fantastic fun for visitors of all ages. In addition to permanent exhibits, W5 also presents a changing programme of large and small scale temporary exhibitions and events.

W5 runs the STEM Ambassador Programme in Northern Ireland. It manages a database of over 900 professionals with STEM skills who have volunteered to promote STEM in local schools. W5 works to link its STEM ambassadors with schools so they can act as positive role models to help inspire and engage young people about training and education, direct entry routes, career paths, job prospects and the high earning potential of STEM jobs. W5 is supporting the drive to create STEM Clubs in schools throughout Northern Ireland. This initiative aims to encourage more post-primary schools to support extra-curricular STEM activities.

W5 provides an interesting and exciting programme for schools taking part in the Extended Schools scheme. Its programme consists of two elements - an outreach phase to the different schools involved and a visit to W5 for a special day of events. During the outreach phase, W5's team will visit schools and provide a fun and interactive hour-long workshop that covers any one from a range of curriculum-related topics (such as Forces & Energy, Light, Flight and many more). The visit to W5 consists of a programme of special events, tailored to the subjects the pupils have been working on in the workshops.


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