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Emphasises the spoken word and aims to improve the number of Irish speakers across the north and beyond

Líofa is a campaign which aims to motivate you to pledge to become 'Líofa' or fluent in the Irish Language by 2015.

Cultural Minister Carál Ní Chuilín launched the campaign in September 2011 with the aim of engaging 1000 people to embark on the Líofa challenge and achieve Gold Fáinne level in spoken Irish by 2015. Such is the interest across the north (and beyond) that this target has been revised to aim to ensure that 5000 more people are fluent in Irish by 2015.

Whatever your motivation, Líofa 2015 wants to encourage you to take the plunge and improve your fluency in the Irish Language by 2015. Líofa means different things to different people. You may strive for Gold Fáinne level or fluency in the Irish Language. However, in reality Líofa may mean that you progress from having absolutely no Irish to having some words and phrases which you will use in your daily life - Cúpla Focal level or that you are able to have basic conversations through many everyday situations and aim for Silver Fáinne status by the year 2015. Perhaps you are quite fluent in Irish but want to register with Líofa to motivate yourself to enhance, use and enrich your spoken Irish?


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