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Belfast library

Libraries NI

Visit, explore and discover with Libraries NI

Libraries NI offers an exciting selection of learning opportunities. Libraries have something to suit all age groups in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Libraries NI has a variety of resources to offer jobseekers or those looking for a career change - such as browse a range of books on how to write a CV and prepare for an interview; search for a job online using a network of computers and free internet access; or gain new skills with the Got IT and Go ON courses. Access to library computers and the internet is free of charge for library members. Access can be gained to 1000s of eBooks and Audiobooks for free. Subjects includes Arts and Craft; Business and Career; Biography; Computer Technology; Cooking and Food; Entertainment; Family and Relationships; Foreign Language Study; Grammar and Language Usage; Health and Fitness; History; Performing Arts; Self Improvement.

Libraries NI has an innovative events programme offering a host of vibrant cultural experiences in libraries throughout Northern Ireland. These incorporate a mix of art, music, literature and poetry events, with free admission to many of these.

The library offers many learning activities for small children. Most libraries offer sing-songs, Storytimes and craft sessions all year round – with extra activities during the school holidays. The library has study spaces for those who wish to study alone or with others. Certain libraries offer help with homework at fixed times. Libraries NI curriculum support material and virtual services are of great benefit to students.

The Libraries NI Business Information Service provides free access to reliable and up-to-date information. It is helpful for those already in business, those who are starting their own enterprise and students studying business.


Libraries NI

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