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Ulster University Business School Launches Updated Developing Managers Programme


​From March 2018, Ulster University Business School starts its refreshed, reframed and refocused one-year Developing Managers programme, which aims to deliver the learning and development of managers for Northern Ireland’s future businesses

Successful applicants will participate in a unique range of hands-on practical workshop sessions and interactive study visits provided by academic and business experts to cultivate emerging leaders in business.

The accredited Developing Managers Programme welcomes the pioneering of the successful integrated business and arts workshop ‘Messy Managers,’ which has been designed by Ulster University Business School and the social enterprise Boom Studios, Bangor, to support the development of innovation, leadership and management capabilities in learners.

Through a process of management styles and art techniques, managers are invited to work at their “messy edges” through drawing, painting and storytelling, within a lively and friendly atmosphere. 

These methods are used to build team’s trust, find shared values, shift perceptions, and generate breakthrough ideas. Janette Sheerman, Programme Manager and Senior Lecturer in Management Development, Ulster University Business School comments -

'Being a leader today requires a new set of competencies to be effective in a world that is increasingly changeable, uncertain and complex. Today’s leaders must also nurture innovation and creativity and one of the best ways to learn these skills is through the arts to understand a different way of thinking and perceiving.

'The arts can teach managers about leadership, empathy, change, courage, and creativity therefore it makes sense to learn principles and practices from the worlds of art and apply them to our organisations.'

Marianne Kennerley, Director of Boom Studios explains:

'Placing an arts activity into an organisational setting opens opportunities to develop managers and leaders in becoming more creative. Working like an artist gives permission to reframe problems, to observe and find the details and uncover connections.'

The award winning Developing Managers Programme is now enrolling part-time students eager to gain an Advanced Diploma in Management Practice essential for any business leader in the third, private or public sector.

The programme starts on 23 March 2018. For more information about Shaping your Future on the Developing Managers Programme contact Janette Sheerman, Programme Manager or call on 07793539280 visit