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Enter retne

Introducing Enter RETNE, Northern Ireland’s New Virtual Reality Experience


VRNI Ltd has this week launched a new immersive VR experience called Enter RETNE

Enter RETNE has been launched in partnership with Kainos Ltd and Digital Catapult NI to showcase at SxSW 2017. Enter RETNE has received development funding from Northern Ireland Screen, with support from Invest NI.

The aim of Enter RETNE is to take users on a unique, original and compelling VR experience with the assistance of a guide called ‘Lil Mo’. The concept of Enter RETNE was created by award-winning artist Deepa Mann-Kler.

Deepa said: ““Lil Mo is the character that’s in the RETNE story, and he’s absolutely vital, in terms of drawing you in and creating a bond with you, an empathetic bond, who you can trust in terms of going on the journey. I approached Michael Smiley, an award-winning Northern Irish actor. He said yes very quickly because he wanted to be a part of it. Lil Mo is Northern Irish and I really like that.

For a full comprehensive explanation of Enter RETNE, please click here.