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Games NI Set To Hold New Meetup


Games NI looks set to hold a new meetup with a number of game developers coming together.

Games Development is one of the hottest new industries coming through within Northern Ireland. Games NI is at the front of this as they look to continue the charge and continue the expansion of the industry within the country. They are set to hold their first meet up on Tuesday 8th November in Belfast and will play host to a number of big names.

The event will see industry leaders such as Troll Inc and Coffeebox Games be represented, with a series of talks coming from these, while refreshments will be provided by Testify. The new hub which Games NI have launched is aimed at supporting the new talents which are breaking onto the scene, as well as those already established within the industry. "Since 2014, Games NI has set out to assist industry members with all manner of guidance, training and education" states NI Games chairman Gareth Grey. They intend on bringing together all of those within the industry, from freelancers to new talents to industry professionals.

They aim for the event to be a point of contact for everyone, whether that be on an international level or a local level. The event will be taking place at 112 Donegall Street on Tuesday 8th November.