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Future classrooms

Full STEAM Ahead For Future Classrooms Conference


Two hundred educators expected at the Guildhall for one-day learning event

The topic of STEAM based learning through digital media will take centre stage as Northern Ireland’s Creative Learning Centres, in partnership with DCAL and CCEA, present Future Classrooms 2014, March 14.

Delivered as part of Creativity Month 2014, the special conference will explore how creativity and arts, as expressed through digital media, can contribute to and enhance the development of STEM learning and skills within the curriculum in Northern Ireland.

The one-day conference will welcome 200 teachers, educators and creators at the Guildhall to discuss international best practice around the concept of STEAM learning and engage in a range of hands on demonstrations around STEAM delivery with both new and existing technologies.

Real curriculum applications for these new approaches and technologies will be shared and attendees given a practical insight into how STEAM based learning can impact on schools and learning in the coming years.

Keynote speakers include Babette Allina of Rhodes Island School of Design and Head of Education at Northern Ireland Screen, Bernard McCloskey. While at RISD, Babette has worked to advance a national agenda for STEM and STEAM, raising awareness for the power of art and design in education. Bernard McCloskey will also deliver a talk on delivering training for teachers and young people in creative digital technologies.

Elsewhere, the event will explore mobile devices, digital fabrication equipment and software packages, with speakers such as Averil Morrow, AmmA Centre Director, Ken Armstrong, Centre Director of Nerve Belfast, Stephen McGowan, Director of Strategic Delivery at DCAL and John Peto, Director of Education at the Nerve Centre.

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