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Dojocon ni

#DojoConNI Aims to Build on ‘Global Programming Movement’


Northern Ireland's first Coder Dojo conference comes to the AmmA Centre on March 22

All of a sudden it seems that everyone is talking about the benefits of teaching young people how to write computer code, develop games and learn about digital technology. 

Not only does Northern Ireland's economy need people with expertise in these areas in order to meet rapidly growing demand but also the young people themselves are driving the interest in these activities. 

Across Ireland a network of voluntary run groups provides opportunities for young people to work together to develop their skills and solve problems. Known as 'Coder Dojos', these groups are informal settings where mentors can support participants in engaging with the technologies.

However the ongoing challenge is to ensure that sufficient mentors are available as well as providing access to new ideas and developing technology. In order to facilitate this #DojoConNI, Northern Ireland’s first official conference for mentors, parents and teachers who are involved or interested in becoming involved in the Coder Dojo movement will take place on March 22 in Armagh. With 339 clubs already running across 38 countries, Coder Dojo has become a huge success story and #DojoConNI aims to build on this success by offering opportunity for mentors to share, discover and learn!

In keeping with the Coder Dojo philosophy, the event is free and will feature a variety of keynote speakers and seminars led by practitioners from the digital technology sector. 

This is a one day event funded by Northern Ireland's Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure and will be hosted by the AmmA Centre. For more information or to register for the event visit

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