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Creativity Month 2014


Featuring over 150 creative events throughout the month of March

Creativity Month in March each year provides a regional platform to showcase creative and innovative approaches to tackling social and economic challenges.

Creativity often involves connecting things not previously or sufficiently connected. This can include people, organisations, businesses and ideas. These creative connections can stimulate new ways of tackling economic and social problems and finding innovative solutions.

Creativity Month aims to stimulate new thinking and new collaborations to help creative people, creative ideas and creative organisations and businesses to emerge and flourish. It’s about inspiring people and organisations to think differently, to think creatively and to look to the possibilities of the future.

Creativity Month 2014 will showcase the work of a diverse range of organisations, across government, business, education and the community and voluntary sectors, who are developing creative and innovative solutions to societal challenges.

With over 150 events and counting, this year's programme of events promises to be bigger and better than ever. View the 2014 Highlight Programme below. For the full programme of events, go to

This year's theme will include a particular focus on promoting equality and tackling poverty and social exclusion, which can be explored in sub-themes such as:

The Economy – for example: support to businesses; provision of jobs across the economy; development of new products or commercial services; initiatives delivering qualifications and employability skills; programmes and social clauses delivering new jobs or work experience for young people and the long-term unemployed.

Education – for example: programmes and activities enhancing education and life-long learning outcomes; support to families and adding value to the work of teachers, schools and alternative education providers.

Health and Well-being – for example: programmes and activities supporting healthy lifestyles, increased confidence and self-esteem; and help to tackling major societal challenges such as mental health and suicide prevention.

Social Inclusion – for example: initiatives tackling barriers to full participation in society and reaching out to and supporting those experiencing or at risk of isolation and alienation.

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