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Landscape sinkorswim

Sink Or Swim


Venue: Accidental Theatre

Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Price: £10 / £12

We all want something. We all want to be noticed, for someone to take an interest in us. Cara wants fame. She wants people to know her name. She is set on becoming a star. But she soon realises there are other ways to get what she wants…

Jonathan M. Daley’s Sink Or Swim is a meditation on the more modern concept of fame and an exploration of how far people will go to have their name up in lights. It examines this effect on someone from a small Irish town who has essentially been a ‘big fish in a small pond’, but, as she has grown up, has realised that there is more to life than being well known in her little pocket of the world.

About Headrush, Ireland

Headrush, Ireland is a creative collective based in Belfast, aiming to provide artists with a platform to explore aspects of the Arts with which they have a particular fascination. Their community melds together various art forms into performances that uniquely reflect the imaginations, emotions and skills of our members.

Featuring Julie Lamberton as Cara Fitzgerald

Written by Jonathan M. Daley

Venue Details

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Accidental Theatre

Accidental Theatre ,
12-13 Shaftesbury Square
Belfast, Antrim
BT2 7DB , Northern Ireland

Tel: 028 9032 5881

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