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Science of photography

NI Science Festival: The Science of Photography


Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Price: £30

The importance of light in a photographic portrait, travelling in waves and particles, offers both measurable and dramatic compositions. 

In a portrait, we use light to create atmosphere and mood. Measuring the light correctly helps to achieve different effects. This workshop looks at creative portrait lighting and the science used to obtain the perfect measured balance of mood and composition. 

We will learn 5 different lighting set-ups: High Key; Low Key; Rembrandt; Butterfly and Split lighting.

We will look at the science behind light being reflected in the spectrum to let us see the colour of an object and how other light in the spectrum is absorbed enhancing this. 

Suitability: 18+

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Venue Details

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23 Donegall Street
Belfast , Antrim

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